Worlds Collide Fortnite Challenges Use A Rift Visit A Rift Zone

Worlds Collide Fortnite Challenges Use A Rift Visit A Rift Zone

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hi there so today the worlds collide series of challenges of them released on the first three of those challenges our user rift and visitor rift zone and deal damage to opponents at a mountaintop Viking village or at loot Lake so in this video I’m going to show you a very quick way where you could potentially earn all three of those challenges in one match very quickly so here we go [Music] so the first thing you want to do when you jump out of the bus is spin around and look for loot lake look for where the zero points fear is head straight towards it now you may have already tried this before but if you don’t realize if you head straight into the sphere you actually get transported out of the rift directly above it and as you’ve just seen on my screen this counts us against the user rift challenge so now if you quickly deploy your glider spin round and head for tilted town this is a rift zone and there we go I’ve got the achievement there so now what I’m trying to do is quickly turn round head back towards loot Lake and you could potentially get the third challenge of dealing damage to opponents while you’re at loot lake at the same time now unfortunately I didn’t do very well here so I didn’t actually manage to deal any damage to any opponents while I was here and I’ve just seen a tweet within the last few minutes from epic saying that there is currently an issue that means that damage dealt to opponents at loot lake is not being registered against this challenge so currently the only way to get this challenge is to visit the Viking village but you can still do the first two parts that challenge exactly as I’ve shown you if you’ve enjoyed this video and found it helpful please give it a like and hit that subscribe button so that you don’t miss any more of my fault night videos check out my other videos while here [Music] [Music]

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  1. Great video. Very easy way to do this especially since they’re right by each other. Thank you! Also have a fantastic day.

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