Yogyakarta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Yogyakarta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta rests on
central Java, between the cool breezes of the Indian Ocean
and the steamy breath of volcanoes. It’s a scenic train ride from Jakarta, or a short flight from Bali or Singapore. The home of sultans, artists and the devout
since the 8th century, Yogyakarta is the gentle epicenter of classical
Javanese culture and education. Step from the main station into the bustling
flow of Jalan Malioboro, and you could be in just about any Javanese city. This is where Jogja, as the city is known, comes to wander, shop, and snack, …but refinement, is just a becak ride away. Cruise down Jalan Malioboro to the very soul
of the city, the Kraton. Since 1785 this city within a city has been
the home of sultans, and the keeping place of
Yogyakarta’s incredible cultural, intellectual and spiritual traditions. While the inner palace serves as the royal
family’s private home, the ceremonial courtyards, …pavilions…and museums are open to all. Nearby, visit Taman Sari, the water palace
where sultans of old – and their chosen few could escape the demands of duty, and the
Javanese sun. Yogyakarta’s courtly center sets the tone
of Javanese culture, and from here the island’s arts flow forth
in all their purest forms. In the gamelan’s percussive magic, which drifts across the Kraton’s walls to
far-off kampongs, inspiring the maestros of tomorrow. In the ageless shadows of the Wayang Kulit
puppets, who pass thousand-year-old stories of good
and evil across the ages. In the fine strands of silver, which have
been woven into delicate artworks for centuries. In a cuisine that leans toward sweetness rather
than fire, …and in the molten beeswax making its rhythmic
marks across the finest batiks. While Jogja is a place of tradition, it’s also a place of ever-evolving culture. Just a few steps from the Kraton, walk the
lanes of Kampong Cyber, where the community has combined street art
with online expression to forge new creative possibilities. A short becak ride away is the Affandi Museum, the former home, gallery and resting place of the maverick artist who loosened the binds
of tradition, and created a seismic shift in Indonesian
painting. Jogja has long been at the epicenter of political
and ideological shifts as well. Just across from the presidential palace, pass through the gates of Fort Vredeburg to
hear the stories of resistance and sacrifice that led to the creation of the Indonesian
Republic. Just 10 miles to the north-east of Jogja, venture back to the eighth and ninth centuries, to a time when Buddhism and Hinduism vied
for the kingdom’s hearts and minds. Prambanan is the heart of a Hindu temple network that stretches for miles. Pay your respects at the towering temples
of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, then follow the bas-relief panels in a clock-wise
direction to see epic Hindu tales unfold from within
the stone. Just a half hour stroll from the main complex
is Ratu Boko, where palatial remains frame the same views
to Mount Merapi once enjoyed by the visiting princes who rested
here after long days of devotion. Yogyakarta sits at the doorstep of incredible
Buddhist monasteries and temples too. While many stand shoulder to shoulder with
the Hindu temples of the Prambanan Plain, the greatest of them all, Borobudur, lies
20 miles to the northwest. Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist
temple, and one of the most visited sights on all
of Indonesia’s 13,000 islands. Come early for a sunrise you’ll never forget, as hundreds of stone Buddhas bless the new
day’s light, just as they have for over a millennia. Yogyakarta is more than just a city; it’s
a kingdom. Climb aboard a dokar and ride though the immaculate
farmlands and kampongs of the rural heartlands, where life’s necessities and pleasures are
still handmade, and made with heart. Meet the people who live calmly and creatively
within the shadow of Mount Merapi, an active volcano whose moods have been known to topple temples and bury villages with ash. In our unsteady, rapidly-changing world, deep cultural roots anchor us to all that
is important. Culture teaches us to embrace and appreciate
the meaning in all life’s moments, from the richest to the ordinary. If that’s the kind of journey you’re looking for, take a ride through Yogyakarta, a cultural kingdom that steadies the spirit, and inspires the soul.

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  1. I would like to invite all of you to come in Bangladesh for getting real pleasure of nature. I will be glad if you make any video on nature beauty of Bangladesh. Thank you all.

  2. Another breathtaking video from Expedia. Love from the Philippines. Hope you'll make one too, to my dearest home country.😊

  3. Thanks Expedia for another great videos of Indonesia. There are still a lot of places in Indonesia you can explore such as Danau Toba, Belitung, Raja Amapat.

  4. I've been waiting for umm…2 years (?)-_- Thank you expedia, you are the best, the quality is just soo…amazing, keep it up! 😀 Yogyakarta is the 4th video about Indonesia 😀

    Time slow down in yogyakarta, it is very relaxing, yogyakarya is all about ancient tamples, art, culture, tradition, and of course cheap food! Omg, IT HAS ONE OF THE BEST STREETFOOD IN INDONESIA! (in my opinion)

    And thank you for mention Wayang Kulit and Batik in this Yogyakarta video, butthurt people stay away, syuh…syuh… :v

    Edit: "Yogyakarta is not just a city, it is a kingdom", yep, It is a kingdom in republic, interesting right?

  5. And one more, please make videos about Bandung, Raja Ampat, Surabaya, Palembang, Banda Aceh, and Makassar, those're also amazing Indonesian cities

  6. Even as an Indonesian living in Jakarta, i can't get enough of Jogjakarta. I see her as a big gallery displaying lively , distinctive Javanese culture . And the genuine and welcoming people, make me seriously think to reside there once i get retired.

  7. Thank's expedia. can you do Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Makassar and Manado please made video

  8. Many people would be surprised that a muslim sultanate could look like a Hindu/Buddhist kingdom, with many ancient temples, rich culture and artistic palace

  9. expedia give out non-refundable tickets and keep the money. Then they charge you an extra 100 to change your flight date on top of the money you already pay. I call that greed and dishonesty…

  10. Hopefully you can continue to do these videos. Absolutely love them but I mean your channels dying so who knows if you're gonna continue, Hopefully you choose to.

  11. Yogyakarta is really a fascinating place. There's something unique in every kampongs and streets, which often surprises even the locals. From craft galleries and workshops, to homemade meals not found anywhere else in the city. Once you visit Yogya, you will always come back for more. And one more thing – don't forget to visit the nearby Solo, and Semarang, the Central Java capital.

    Warm greetings from Bandung, Indonesia

  12. ohh i love it I want go here and see there everything this is very beautiful and good😘😍😍
    I love this place 💗💖💞💕 here is good building s

  13. I'm from Central Java.Borobudur is in Magelang, Central Java not in Yogyakarta. Central Java and Yogyakarta are different 😊

  14. Not only temple. Yogyakarta also has so many beautiful places and hidden paradise to explore. The beaches like Indrayanti beach, kesirat beach, timang beach, and so on; waterfalls like kedung pedut waterfall, kedung kayang waterfall, and so on; forests like kebun buah mangunan, pinus Pengger, puncak becici, and so on; and also mountains like merapi

  15. Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Jogyakarta already explained thks Expedia and next I hope in Raja Ampat, Bandung Puncak, and many more in indonesia .

  16. This video reminds of that time when I was hardly breathing- in restlessness, was in kind of depression at that time , this made me to sail my boat in some different directions, thank god for those shattering days – they made me who I m now.

  17. What a amazing and beautiful country it is!!👍🏼👍🏼 I’m making travel VLOG on my Youtube channel, and this video makes me want to visit Indonesia for my next travel VLOG.😆❤️ 🇮🇩 🇰🇷

  18. I have never heard of Yogyakarta and now I'm going to give Indonesia and Yogyakarta some serious consideration when I'm off for vacation next time around.

  19. 5:56 "Yogyakarta is more than just a city, its a kingdom" this statement is not only describing that yogyakarta was an old kingdom back then with many temples, but also describing current Yogyakarta government system. Fyi, Yogyakarta is the only district in Indonesia which lead by a King not Governor.

  20. thanks for the great video, Its really amazing place..I would love to visit Yogyakarta soon InchaAllah…it will be great if local people tell us more about it

  21. The best thing when I visit and stay couple days in Jogja or Jogjakarta is the culture and the people. I am Javanese too, but the value of Java culture is more vibrant when visiting this calming city. The smile and joke every time meet the stranger and residents, very calm. Oh that I miss so much the city, there is lot of songs with Bahasa talking about Jogja, where is love, friendship, and live value told me that the Jogja is the true inspiration for all.

  22. Been there in 2007 with my indonesian girlfriend by the time, who became my wife shortly after. Landing in Jogja is an experience.
    Before landing in a short runway the plane is making a lot of turns in pretty low altitude over the city, as it is sourrounded by many mountains and volcanos. Jogja is very beautiful. Visiting the city and the neighbours area is really worth it. There are a lot of nice landscape and interesting handycraft, bart, and painting to watch and buy.
    My only deception was Borobudur. The temple is indeed very nice but it's a foreigner trap. The fee to get in is something like 10 or 20 times more expensive for foreigner tourists than for locals. It's really a shame.
    Local people as for the majority of indonesians are very kind and helpfull.

  23. Thanks for making video about Indonesia again. I really appreciate it. This is city is underrated actually. Very awesome but not as famous as Bali or Lombok yet. Anyway, Borobudur temple 00:22 is actually located in Magelang, but still quiet close as Yogyakarta

  24. Yogyakarta is a kingdom although it is involved in Republic of Indonesia as one of the provinces, it is considered as special district because of the history between Yogyakarta and Republic of Indonesia. Yogyakarta comes from the real name Ngayogjokarto Hadiningrat, it is led by the king entitled Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono 1 (I) until 10 (X) now. Different from other province, Yogyakarta never organizes general election to choose a governor. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono automatically becomes the king and also the governor without election. Yogyakarta joined into Republic of Indonesia in September 1945 after Indonesia Proclaimed its independence in August 1945, with some terms and conditions as special district. Yogyakarta has many tourism destination, mountain, mount, beach, Sultan palace, art galleries, etc. It is also considered as city of students because many people from ather provinces and cities, even countries come to Yogyakarta to study. The oldest university in Indonesia is also located in Yogyakarta, it is Gadjah Mada University.

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