You Can Now Go On A Vacation In SPACE

You Can Now Go On A Vacation In SPACE

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Have you ever wanted to experience space first
hand and experience life as an astronaut? Well, it seems you can, because the first
luxury hotel in space has been announced. Welcome back to IO I’m charlotte dobre. So…im just gonna come out and say it…we
should send some flat earthers to this hotel. In just a few short years, you will be able
to experience the magnificence of space in a hotel called Aurora Station by Orion Span. In this hotel, you’ll be able to see 16
sunrises in 1 day, float in zero gravity, and be able to look at our big blue spherical
planet from space. The space station hosts 6 people at one time,
2 crew members included, and you’re orbiting the earth at a height of 200 miles. It orbits the earth every 90 minutes. You’re up there for a total of 12 days. I feel like 12 days is a long time. By the 6th day you’ll be like k im bored
of this. Aboard this space station, you actually have
a lot of activities to occupy your time. I feel like you’ll be over zero gravity
after day 2, and then you’ll get to do experiments like growing food. Aboard this space station, there will be wifi,
so you can keep in touch with friends and family. You’ll also witness the true majesty of
our planet through the windows, like the north and south auroras. This fabulous experience can be yours for
the low low price of 399. Haha just kidding. This vacation in space is going to cost you
9.5 million dollars. Bu t that’s to be expected. This is space we’re talking about. Apparently the 9.5 million dollar price point
is actually the cheapest price that’s ever been seen for sending someone to space. So. You’re welcome. This vacation will be no picnic, you’re going
to have to go through a 3 month training program before you go. But considering space training used to take
24 months, that’s not that bad. To top it all off when you arrive back down
to earth, Orion Span will arrange a hero’s welcome for you. In case you’re wondering, there are already
people signed up to do this. Several people have given deposits of 80 thousand
dollars to secure their future spot. The hotel will be in orbit by 2024. So guys, would you want to go on a vacation
in space? Let me know in those comments. While you ponder that, I’m going to respond
to some comments from previous videos. RedPanda –You Really love those outfit. Tell me please you wash those right. No I don’t I actually don’t have a washing
machine, I wash my clothes in lake Ontario once a year. Guys, I film at least 3 videos a day, which
is why I’ll be wearing the same outfit in more than one video. Dillon Savage – I watch this show just to
see her face. Hey, I thought you watched this show because
of the info. Not my face. jeez
Ganesh – I think dobre is alien. I thought I was potato. That’s all folks, thanks for watching. If you need a place to get your trending news
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the next video.

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  1. I wanna go here
    The only thing I gonna worry about is
    πŸ›°________________all things stop working

  2. Is that $9-million per night? And if you experience 16 sunrises each 24 hours, do you really have to pay $144-million?

  3. If aviation goes wrong, this is going to go wrong… Basically beta testers until, or if, we get more advanced. lol Can see it already being cancelled if a tragedy.

  4. 9.5 million to watch a video play on giant tv screens lmao !!! They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank .

  5. Braduuh, I wanna take over her place. ^β–½^ I'm a science geek and I get soo much information from her.

  6. Somebody tell Markiplier that he can vacation in space! The shouty nerd-boi will be smashing the Google "I Feel Lucky" button in 2.5 seconds!

  7. Let’s send one of the flat earthers like Eric Dubay up there, once he confirms to his cult followers that the earth is not flat, we toss him out in space.

  8. It will not be in Outer Space, it will be in Earth's low orbit, SpaceX and Virgin can't put people in space but this company can? Scams, scams.

  9. Who wants to bet $1,000 that a year or so before launch, they will postpone due to one thing or another, a la Virgin Galactic?

  10. Maybe cut the price for flat earthers. We will do anything. And I mean ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to convince then earth is spherical.

  11. I wouldent cuse in zero gravity your bones become less dense and if in space long enough your DNA will start to change its cool but im not taking any risks

  12. Lol πŸ’™the spherical little left lol cool if u can afford it u think earth hotels r pricey?go to space 10thousand more πŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύ great work io πŸ’™

  13. You said in a video that the world will end on June 24 2018 but in this video you said IN A COUPLE OF YEARS WE CAN G O IN A SPACE HOTEL SO THAT. MEANS THE WORLD GONNA END THING IS #FAKE! HA

  14. I'm gonna live stream in twitch and get a victory royale in fortnite in space!!! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!?!?!?!?!?!…

  15. 80k down for an 8mill deal….is that bad math? What the hell you gonna do for 12 days in space? 5 days sounds cool and lets cut that price down huh. With prices like
    this when our space travelers meet other life forms they will think….the humans are all rich deuchbaggy types…lets nuke em!

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